Bob Anthony – Founder of Adolescent Wellness

After 20 years in the tech industry, Bob founded Adolescent Wellness, Inc. (AWI), a 501c3 non-profit that promotes practical resources to prevent mood disorders and prompt earlier treatment for adolescents. He is a contributing author to the book titled, “Patient-Centered Digital Healthcare Technology” on the gamification of mental health prevention and promotion.
Innovations Bob has facilitated:
– Boston Children’s Hospital’s Break Free From Depression curriculum for schools and Building Bridges to Understanding, the continuing medical education for pediatricians; both are delivered on-demand through OpenPediatrics
– Mclean Hospital’s School Nurse Liaison Project
– William James College’s Wellness Center games and the social emotional competency training pilot for school leaders
He has an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. I have known Bob for over 10 years and was one of the adult mentors and trainers for AWI in Wellesley. I’m thrilled to have Bob join us today.