Dr. Meena Kumar – Family and Functional Medicine Provider, Training to be a VITA Coach

Dr Meenakshi, Kumar, also referred to as Cosmos, is a 48 year old proud wearer of her gray, a gender and sexually fluid human, mother to an incredible 17 year old son, a family medicine, functional medicine and palliative care doctor at BMC/BU in Boston, a love, sex, relationship coach in training with VITA, a painter and a blogger. When she’s free, she enjoys hugging trees, playing the sitar, listening to music and dancing anywhere (she’ll embarrass anyone by stopping to dance on the street), reading (she started a book club 6 years ago that still meets monthly), cooking, watching lots of TV and movies and pre-pandemic traveling. She tries hard to keep her professional and personal lives intertwined so she can be an authentic human when interacting with her patients and the more she does that, the more she sees the folly in trying to do it otherwise. Her mode of operation is to break norms, think outside the box and then smash the box and burn it, speak up and be true to who you are. I had the pleasure of working with Meena at an integrative clinic and since she has been in her practice in Boston, I still refer clients to her, collaboratively working with from the east coast to the west! We are in for a real treat today – breaking down the walls for women.