Kayse Gehret – Body Worker and Founder of Microdosing for Healing

The Rise of Plant Medicine in Modern Times is here… From academia to Wall Street, Burning Man to suburban soccer fields, the healing power of nature is spreading across the country. Not everyone can take off for an Ayahuasca journey in the jungle, but everyone can experience sacred medicine through the practice of micro-dosing. The beautiful practice of micro-dosing is the daily practice of taking small, sub-perceptual doses of psychedelic medicines to promote healing, growth and transformation.

Kayse Gehret, our guest today has over two decades in the healing arts – is the founder of Micro-dosing for Healing. Her program is a nationwide virtual platform combining micro-dosing education and supportive community. The interactive group programs offer a unique, intimate community of individuals drawn to practice with diverse intentions… including physical healing, mental wellness, emotional balance and spiritual connection. Unlike pharmaceutical medications, natural plant medicines help us heal at the root cause and show tremendous potential for the healing of PTSD, trauma, adverse childhood experiences, depression and anxiety. The intention of the program is to introduce individuals to the transformative practice of micro-dosing earth medicines, inspire a lifelong connection to nature, instill a reverence & respect for the medicines and create the conditions for healing inside a welcoming, supportive container.