Monthly Archives: August 2022

Dr. Julia Mirer

Dr. Mirer MD is a consultant in the emerging field of psychedelic medicine, serving as a bridge between eastern and western practices, committed to merging the two in order to help create a new paradigm for integrative health and wellness. She was on the road to a career in Pediatrics, but seeing the pitfalls of the current healthcare system, decided to shift gears to explore transformative medicine where she has found her calling in advocacy and education.

Dr. Dave Shirazi

In 2000, Dr. Dave Shirazi rang in the new millennium by graduating from Howard University College of Dentistry, in Washington D.C. He went on to earn a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from SAMRA University in 2006. In 2007, he received the prestigious Fellowship Award from the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, an organization dedicated in the diagnosis and treatment of Craniofacial pain and Sleep Breathing Disorders.

Dr. Shirazi has completed over 2000 hours of continuing education in TMD and facial pain, craniomandibular orthopedics, and sleep disordered breathing. He lectures on those very subjects throughout the United States.

His practice is part of the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Center international family, joining the ranks of over 65 global centers. Wow, what an impressive CV and practice! Welcome Dr. Shirazi.