Monthly Archives: March 2022

Daniel Greene – Client of Mine at Mindful Wellness

Daniel Greene is a software development student from Dayton Ohio, currently working in an internship for a software company. Daniel volunteers with National Alliance on Mental Illness as a support group facilitator and is active in his community. Dan’s journey began with his own struggles with bipolar illness. Through various medication trials, behavioral support and education, and finally desiring to get a handle on weight, cholesterol and stomach issues, he sought treatment with me in 2019. His process of transformation has been remarkable, so let’s hear about his journey.

Kelly McCormack – Founder and CEO of Eximae, a human development technology company

Kelly has a Bachelor of Science in Management and an MBA. Her formal education provided a springboard from which a 30-year healing journey began. Finding herself with multiple illnesses in her late 20s, Kelly sought support through Eastern and Western practices. Recently, she embarked on an intensive 5-year journey to discover how to create meaningfully in the world while overcoming the obstacles to living a fulfilling life. Her work focuses on a process she developed to support entrepreneurs as they create new solutions for humanity’s challenges. Kelly wrote a 3-book series, called Creating a Leader, to illuminate several of the healing aspects that help bring our intentions to make greater positive impact in the world to fruition. I’ve known Kelly both personally and professionally for a number of years and know of her amazing creativity and commitment to her work.